Shop Setup

Taking payments from clients through your website is easy, fast, and incredibly flexible.

Through your website’s integrated payment system, you can:

Connect Stripe, Paypal & More

Take One-Off Payments

Charge Sign-Up Fees

Take Subscription Payments

Bill Clients Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly

Offer Discount Coupons

Run Sales

Take Payment Automatically

Automate Email Purchase Receipts & Invoices

Automatically Log Customer Purchases in CRM

Automate Upsell / Cross-Sell Campaigns

Offer Free Trials

WooCommerce Payments

Your shop payments will be taken by WooCommerce Payments.

WooCommerce Payments uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay only for activity on the account. No setup fee or monthly fee.

Fees differ based on the country of your account and country of your customer’s card.

WooCommerce payments is available in these countries and can accept these currencies.

You will need a Stripe account to set this up, because WooCommerce Payments uses the Stripe engine, so please setup a Stripe account.

The fees stick to the usual 2.9+$0.30 per transaction, with an extra 1% for cards issued outside of the United States. More info

You can manage WooCommerce payments directly inside your website dashboard.

It is possible to use other payment gateways if you wish – please contact support about this.

Your Payment Gateway

We have setup a WordPress account for you

This will be used for your WooCommerce Payments

Wordpress Account Credentials

Username: kylevosper

Password: finetunefitness