Stage 1 Setup

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You’ve taken a huge, positive step in building your online business!

What Next?

Now we’re going to guide you step-by-step

through the process of building a powerful automation machine

to empower you to Automate, Manage & Grow your online business

Stage 1

To start with, we are going to get you up and running with a simple iteration of your site, which has 3 primary functions:

Advertise Your Brand

Take Client Enquiries

Sell Your Services

Getting Started

 We are taking a lean startup approach, which means creating the minimum viable product (MVP).

This is the simplest possible iteration of your website, that can earn money, gather useful market feedback, and launch quickly.

Successful businesses use the minimum viable product approach to take the fastest route to market, so they can start making money immediately, and gather data that they can use to develop their offering.

The trick is to launch quickly, get real-world feedback, adapt to that feedback, and pivot where required. Find out what works, and what doesn’t, based on real-world data.

Fail fast, fail often.  

Bearing this in mind, the following process should take no longer than 45 minutes.

Everything you write can be changed once your site is live, so there’s no need to get it perfect right away.

Successful businesses regularly develop the ‘copy’ (text/writing) on their websites in response to their sales analytics data. Getting this data as quickly as possible is your priority, so move quickly!

You can skip any section at any time and come back to it later.


Minimum Viable Product

Simple, Imperfect, Effective

Fast Launch

Sell & Earn Quickly

Gather Data

Test & Analyze Performance


Adapt, Refine, Improve

Ready to take your business to the next level?